Bramble Infant School & Nursery

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A Day with Us

A Day at Bramble Nursery.


You will be greeted with warmth and enthusiasm at the start of your day by one of our Admin team, who will let you through into the Nursery. There are Four rooms – Primrose, Bluebell, Blackberry and Honeysuckle.

Primrose Room – Babies from 6 months until approx 1 year  3 months.

Our baby room is a nurturing caring and friendly environment where the babies are cared for at an exceptionally high standard by our well qualified Nursery Practitioners. Our classroom is set up so that the children can access the shelves safely and independently as they grow older, but also areas are set up a few times a day with particular equipment such as Heuristic play, sensory play, and messy play. Our staff are skilled at providing exciting learning opportunities for the children through water and sand play and messy play using a huge amount of different messy materials.

Our cot area is comfortable and inviting, and all bedding washed daily and used only for the individual child. Sleep is monitored and staff help soothe and relax children who find it hard to sleep in a new environment.

You can send your child in with their own milk and food, or we can provide hot dinners and teas, as well as cow’s milk.

Our daily routine is as follows:

7.30-9.00: Free play and settling in.

9.15-9.30 : Song time

9.30–10.15 : Free play and free flow into our garden area.

10.15 : Snack time

10.30 : Free play and focused activity time

11.15-11.35 : Singing and Story time

11.35–12.15:  Lunch

12.15–1.45 : Sleep time (This can be adapted throughout the day and we will fit in with your routine for your baby).

1.45–2.00 : Stories and Singing

2.00-2.15:  Snack Time

2.15–3.45 Free play, Free Flow into the garden and Focused Activity time.

3.45: Story

4.00: Tea and Free play.


Bluebell Room – Approx 1 year 3 months to 2 years 2 months.

The Bluebell room is an exciting and nurturing room for toddlers who are beginning to discover and explore their environment. The environment is predominantly child led with focused activities based around the children’s interests. The classroom is presented through the seven areas of learning as continuous provision, in order that the children can access the areas when they are developmentally ready to do so.



7.45-9.30: Arrival / Welcome Song/Singing

9.30-10.15 Free Play and Focused Activities.

10.15: Snack

10.30–11.15: Garden time

11.15–11.45: Story time/Singing

11.40: Lunch

12.45-1.50 : Sleep time/ Free play

2.00: Wake children/ Welcome song and singing

2.20: Garden Time

3.00: Snack

3.20 Free play/ Focused activity

4.15-4.40: Story Time/Singing/Ring Games

4.40: Tea / Hometime

5.00-6.00: Free play/ Hometime


Blackberry Class.

Blackberry children are aged from approximately 2 years 2 months to Pre-school age. If your child is an Autumn Birthday they may be moved up to Pre-school earlier. The children move towards a more structured routine which is child led but with group activities which are preparing the children to move forward into Pre-school. The timetable would be similar to the Bluebell timetable with some adult led group time included. The classroom is full of exciting learning opportunities and set out as the other classes as continuous provision in order that the children can explore at their own speed and follow their interests. There is free flow into the garden throughout the day whatever the weather! Sand, water and messy play are accessible at all times in the classrooms.


Honeysuckle Class.

Our Pre-school is a vibrant room full of fun and learning. Children experience a varied and stimulating programme of teaching based on their interests and topics chosen by the children and staff during group times.  This is extended across all areas of the classroom to enhance the children’s learning. The timetable is similar to the ones shown above and includes regular group work where the children do Numicon Maths work, Topic work and Language and Communication development.