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About Us

About Us.

Bramble Nursery School has been in existence since 1888, and has provided Pre-school education to this day. In October 2016 we moved into our new building where we now enjoy purpose built classrooms and outdoor areas. The Nursery recently federated with Goldsmith Infant School and since April 2016 has become Bramble Infant and Nursery School. We are open 51 weeks of the year from 7.30-6.00 Monday – Friday.

Bramble Nursery provides high quality childcare in Southsea, and we are proud of the strong relationships we foster with our Parents and children throughout their journey through Nursery. Our Parents are able to follow their child’s progress through Parent Zone – a smart phone app which allows them to access photos, developmental progress, meals, nappy changes and to book extra sessions directly with us.  Each child has an electronic learning journey where photos, observations and assessments are stored and easily accessed by Parents.

At The Bramble Nursery School we want every child to feel happy, safe and secure. We have created inviting, stimulating and nurturing classrooms throughout our Nursery, where children learn through play in a planned and well organised environment.  As a Nursery we direct our efforts to meet the following goals for all our children:


  • To help each individual child to develop gently at their own pace and to foster a love of learning.
  • To develop a thirst for knowledge.
  • To build confidence and self -worth.
  • Be a good friend and have good friends
  • For every child to be able to express feelings and feel that their choices are valued and important.
  • To provide a safe and happy place where each child can aspire to be themselves and discover the things that fulfil them.
  • To be a valued part of our School, Nursery and local community
  • To aid the development of ethical behaviour based on moral and spiritual values.
  • For each child to take responsibility for themselves and their impact on others
  • To develop skills and knowledge linked to each child’s own effort and interests.
  • We encourage spontaneous creativity.
  • To be aware of the environment and the part we play in the Natural world.
  • We acknowledge that each child is unique and will be treated as an individual as we recognise different heritages and varying abilities of children in our care.
    We believe we have created a unique and special place for each child to be safe, well cared for and where we can foster each child’s innate love of learning. Staff are highly qualified and enthusiastic in their care of each individual. We have excellent links with all the schools in the area and liaise with teachers to ensure the transition between Nursery and School is smooth.