Bramble Infant School & Nursery

Growing, Caring & Learning

Vision & Values

“At Bramble Infant School & Nursery we aspire to grow successful, lifelong learners who care for, respect and are curious about the world around them”


Our vision is supported through our four core values which are taught to the children and underpin everything we do at school and in the nursery:


  • We believe that all children will be successful in their learning and in their wider life. Children will be confident and resilient learners who can work well independently and as part of a team.


  • We value the development of thinking skills. All children will be taught to be creative and critical thinkers in order to solve problems that they may encounter.


  • We want children to be aspirational at school and to understand the importance of improvement. Children will reflect on the world around them and be motivated to make progress.


  • We think that being respectful is vital to children’s development. Children will learn to be kind and considerate, value diversity and demonstrate a strong moral compass.