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My Happy Mind

My Happy Mind is a programme that is grounded in neuroscience and scientific research.  It is a programme designed to support the development of good mental health habits, resilience and self-esteem.  It has been commissioned by the NHS and we have been able to access it through the NHS and Portsmouth City Council. 

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All our children (pre-school to Year 2) have a My Happy Mind lesson each week and are encouraged apply the strategies they learn to their daily lives.  

There are 5 Modules which will take place throughout the year.

  1. Meet your brain

Children meet Betty and Bertie who teach us that mistakes are okay as they help us learn. Children learn about neuroplasticity and how the brain makes connections.


Meet Team HAP!  Team HAP helps children learn all about 3 key parts of their brain: the hippocampus (H), the amygdala (A) and the pre-frontal cortex (P).  


2. Celebrate - children build self-esteem by learning all about their character strengths


3. Appreciate -

Children are supported to develop an attitude of gratitude which has a proven, positive impact on mental wellbeing. They learn about how to appreciate, people, experiences and themselves. 


4. Relate -

Children learn to improve their listening skills so that they are better able to communicate and understand each other. They learn the term 'active listening' that begins with 3 rules: look at the person talking, nod your head and ask questions.


5. Engage -

Children will build resilience through setting and achieving goals. They learn about how to set goals, how to plan what they need to do and how to ask for help. 

You can find out what they have been learning and further support the development of these good mental health habits at home through the My Happy Mind parent app.  The app includes videos so that you can follow along with the children's learning, audio breathing exercises, stories and fun activities that you can do together at home. 

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